17 January 2015

lemon cookie bars with vanilla bean buttercream

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We all know Christmas is the highlight of Winter.  January and February just suck so much.  Though we're having a relatively mild Winter here, I'm still feeling a little blue.  To make it feel more like Spring, I like to bake with lemon.  But this, what I've done here, is so much more than baking with lemon.  These are bright and happy magical mood changers.  Throw away that Prozac and replace it with these!  (Disclaimer: I mean it.  These lemon bars are the medical equivalent of Prozac.  This is, in no way, a legally dicey statement.)

 photo b1b2dfc6-30cd-4562-8e17-ad011e19d251_zps50229815.jpg

Alleged exaggerations aside, you really want to make these.  So, as usual, the downloadable recipe card is below.  Now, I like my sugar cookies a little softer, but if you want them more done than pictured, keep baking for an extra 3 minutes.  You can always cut into them to check their doneness, too.  You obviously want to do this before you frost them.

Lemon Cookie Bar Recipe Card!

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    The article would include a information about your work, information on baking and a shared recipe or two. And of course a few of your fantastic photos! Let me know if you are interested or have any questions via email at danalapinel@gmail.com

    Thank you,

    Dana Lapinel