08 November 2013

birthday wishlist no.027

 photo c0a50e18-2633-4096-9470-ed42bdcc153c_zps63a578c3.jpg
 photo fe2ca491-a225-49d0-9377-32a253276951_zps64540ea2.jpg photo e7b4f502-b310-4301-b952-4a68a34a5983_zps75f21e9c.jpg photo 86ab8555-b396-406e-b253-9a0527d41d5a_zps3486d7fe.jpg photo f78003c2-9bc7-4a10-ad71-6eeb90b7a31e_zpse2c6290a.jpg photo ce3e7aa8-3762-4547-b948-e3a6a3c461ec_zpsfeab960d.jpg photo 099b76c4-d6cc-4e45-ac97-87bdc622608d_zpsa2271254.jpg

I've got a birthday comin' up really soon and I thought I'd throw together a birthday wish list for any cyber stalkers out there.  I have been crushing hard on these items for quite some time.  All Etsy, all magic.

What are you guys currently obsessed with?

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