19 July 2013

a little photoshoot pt. 1

A few weeks ago the beautiful and talented Rebecca Caridad took my picture a bunch.  She is a crazy talented and made what I do in the kitchen look like art.  When really, it is more like a mixture of blind panic and chocolate.

Rebecca also does bombin' calligraphy and watercolor.  Check her out!  More pictures to come soon.


  1. ouuuuu you look so pwetty! Thanks for all the kind words:)

  2. aww girl you look gorgeous!! Rebecca truly did get some amazing shots, I esp love the one of you mixing away & smiling and how she always thinks to get so many diff angles and close-ups of just certain parts. I love the "blind panic and chocolate" : )
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  3. Obsessed obsessed obsessed! Love these so much. Also, panic and chocolate! Hahahaha

    1. Thanks!!! She did such a good job. Lets hang soon :)

  4. You are so adorable! And as for that cake?! GET IN MY BELLY! NoM

  5. lovely photos!

    and holy man the cake looks simple and perfect. "boston cream" cake?